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PSD Transportation 2015 group photo
Transportation office hours:
5:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M., Monday – Friday.
Contact Us:
14015 62nd AVE, NW,
Gig Harbor, WA   98332
Telephone: (253) 530-3900  
Fax: (253) 530-3920


For bus stop changes, additions, or concerns, please email or call:

Craig Sherman  
Operations Coordinator
(253) 530-3902  
Include whatever current information you have about the stop and what changes you would like made. We will then contact you with our decision.

For any other concerns, please email or call:

Annie Bell  
Director of Transportation
(253) 530-3901  

Our goal in Transportation is to make the trip to and from school as safe and pleasant as possible for all District students. In an effort to make this happen, please be aware of the following:

  • Students need to arrive at bus stops 7-10 minutes prior to bus time.
  • Stop, look, listen and cross only in front of the bus.
  • Remain seated while the bus is in motion.
  • All articles must be contained safely; no glass or flammable items, musical instruments must fit on student’s lap.
  • Inappropriate language, harassment, or bullying on the school bus will not be tolerated.
  • For your student’s safety, video and audio surveillance is being utilized on most buses. Notices are posted inside the buses that include audio surveillance. As of 2014, Policy and Procedures, 8180   / 8180P    and Student Handbooks were updated to include details of our audio surveillance policy.
  • If your student misses the bus, take him or her to the next bus stop. Do not let students run alongside the bus.
  • All regular school bus routes are posted on the district website. 

All bus stops and times are subject to change.

Bus Stop Drop-off Times Adjusted for Early Dismissal:

  Click Here to download the PDF *NOTE: Early Dismissal for fall 2017  K-8 conference October 16th - 20th, K-5 March 22nd & 23rd. For Special Service Bus information call transportation(253) 530-3900.

Bus stop routes:

The bus stop will display your attendance area school, your bus number, the nearest stop to your house, and pick up and drop off times.Throughout the school year, pick up and drop off times may change. Check periodically for any schedule changes.

 Find My Bus Stop 

*NOTE For Fox Island Residents:When entering your address, DO NOT include "FI" as part of your address, but DO include your zip code 98333.

**NOTE for entering searchable addresses, use the following key for correct abbreviation input:   AV=Avenue, AVCT=Avenue Court; AVCT NW=Avenue Court Northwest; STCT NW=Street Court Northwest 

***If you see"The home address could not be automatically located on the map" in red text at the top of the page and "Home street not found - closest matches", followed by a pull-down menu in the middle of the page, find your exact street on the pull-down menu, then click on the blue "Use Selected Match" link. Then click the Find School/Transportation info button again.

Alternatively, you can find your school and bus route using static documents

Attention:  To see the most current bus route information, click on the e-LINK button above to locate your bus stop.

*NOTE: Bus stops and times listed in the Alternative Option below may not be current and should be regarded as approximations. Allow for 10 minutes before and after the times listed.

Elementary Schools

A.M. P.M.
Artondale   Artondale  
Discovery   Discovery  
Evergreen   Evergreen  
Harbor Heights   Harbor Heights  
Minter Creek   Minter Creek  
Purdy   Purdy  
Vaughn   Vaughn  
Voyager   Voyager  

Middle Schools

A.M. P.M.
Goodman   Goodman  
Harbor Ridge   Harbor Ridge  
Key Peninsula   Key Peninsula  
Kopachuck   Kopachuck  

High Schools

A.M. P.M.
Gig Harbor   Gig Harbor  
Henderson Bay   Henderson Bay  
Peninsula   Peninsula 

What it takes to keep the School District bus wheels rolling:

  • There are 70 bus drivers – 20 substitute drivers – 6 mechanics – 5 office staff
  • We have 47regular bus runs and 23 Special Ed runs
  • Between pick up and take home there are 21 extra runs to service West Sound Tech, ECEAP, and Pre-school
  • After school we have 9 activity runs, twice a week
  • Service 3 schools out of the district: Baker MS, Birney ES, Relife, and McKinney Vento

What it takes to get the kids to school:

  • High School - 35 regular runs and 14 special ed runs = 49 HS runs
  • Middle School - 44 regular runs and 12 special ed runs = 56 MS runs
  • Elementary School - 47 regular runs and 21 special ed runs = 68 elementary runs

Fun Facts in Transportation:

Fuel used:

213,898 Gallons of fuel
Weighs: 1,529,037lbs @ 7.15 lbs/gal
Produces: 4,748,535.6 lbs of C02 into the atmosphere @ 22.2 lbs/gal
which is equivalent to:
42,780 5 gallon cans
809,692 liters of milk
2,281,579 cans of coke
8,345 students enrolled in the district, would be 252 cans of coke per student
14,111 fill-ups for an average car with a 15 gal tank

Miles Traveled:

1,555,852 miles
which is equivalent to:
111,132 round trips between PHS and GHHS
1,482 round trips to Disneyland
558 round trips to the White House
3.3 round trips to the moon


528 bus tires rolling down the road every day taking students to and from school (6 tires x 88 )

Oil used:

12,586 quarts
2,517 oil changes for the average car (5 quarts)

School Bus Gross Vehicle Weight:

36,200 lbs