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The following letter was shared with the Peninsula School District Community on 5/30/18:

Good Morning,

This is probably one of the harder messages I have had to write. I am sure the word has spread, but if you have not heard, I need to share that after being invited to apply for the position of Superintendent of the Snoqualmie Valley School District, I went through the process and was offered the position.

After much deliberation, consultation with my wife and a hard look at what I want to accomplish in my personal and professional life, I decided to accept the offer.

This district has been a bright spot in my career. I have learned so much about being a better superintendent, about being a better leader and about being a better person. You have all contributed to that I am forever grateful.

Life’s journey is always an interesting path. I did not seek this career change and was honored to be invited. As I researched the district and community, I felt that I might be a better fit in Snoqualmie.

The work we started here in Peninsula will carry on without a doubt. There is so much talent and passion here that is focused on kids it makes me extremely hopeful for the future of this district – our kids, staff, parents and community. I still have family here – which made this decision even more difficult – and I am still wanting the best for them and all of you and our kids

I am confident you will find another leader that will take this district to the next step, harness your passions and talents and bring to our students and staff the world class education facilities and programs you all deserve.


Take good care, and thank you for all you have taught me and given in my short time in the district.



Robert W. Manahan, Ed.D.
Superintendent, Peninsula School District
Phone: (253) 530-1002