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Strategic Plan


In the Peninsula School District, our vision is every student will graduate from our district, capable and able to take advantage of any life opportunity that might come their way.

Our mission is to partner with our community to provide a safe environment where every student acquires the knowledge, skills and character to become productive citizens. 

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Goal: Optimize learning for each student through rigorous, engaging and varied opportunities.
Objective 1: Improve achievement for all students through an articulated and challenging curriculum that is aligned with standards
Objective 2: Ensure that all students receive effective, research-based instruction
Objective 3: Measure student progress and growth through multiple formal and informal assessments that are aligned with standards
Goal: Recruit and retain a high-quality workforce
Objective 1: Ensure Effective Leadership
Objective 2: Expect High Performance and Accountability for Staff
Objective 3: Provide Coordinated and Embedded Professional Development
Goal: Employ innovative and effective resource management strategies that support student learning
Objective 1: Standardize and prioritize the use of District resources
Objective 2: Develop systematic and sustainable plans for maintenance and replacement cycles for facilities, technologies, equipment, instructional materials and any other key assets of the District
Goal: Engage our community in meaningful collaboration to enhance student learning
Objective 1: Strengthen effective communication between schools, parents, and the community
Objective 2: Provide stakeholders opportunities to participate in decision making
Objective 3: Cultivate partnerships
Goal: Provide a safe learning environment for all students and staff
Objective 1: Promote civility and respect among all stakeholders
Objective 2: Address facility safety needs and prepare staff and students to respond to a variety of hazards

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