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Human Resources

We provide fulfilling careers for the finest educators in the profession. The district offers exciting career paths, providing a wide range of challenging positions.
Our goal is to recruit and retain the best-qualified employees to be part of our learning community. We believe that our employees are our most valuable resource to achieve highly successful programs focused on the best for students.

All applicants need to fill out an


Peninsula School District Human Resources strives to provide quality service and caring assistance, which helps support success within our district and community.

We treat every individual with dignity and respect. We are committed to supporting the district Strategic Plan and to provide excellent services for Peninsula  School Districts' students, parents, and community.
We believe every applicant, employee, student and community member deserves to feel Respected, Capable, Valued, Loved and that they Belong.
If you would like assistance please contact us, the best times to reach someone for assistance is Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Substitute Employment (Emergency Substitute, Certificated Substitute, Classified/Clerical Substitute) may contact:
Kiona Forsyth: (253) 530-1046 or forsythk@psd401.net
Contract Employment (Certificated, Clerical, Bus Drivers, Maintenance & Grounds, Custodians and Pool Employees) may contact:
Adrienne Matison: (253) 530-1044 or matisona@psd401.net