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 Departments & Programs

Assessment & Accountability : Understand what tests students take, why they take them and when they happen.

Board Meetings : Schedule of meetings and meeting notes.

Board Members : Meet our school board members and learn more about what they do.

Budget : See our budget for current and past years.

Business Services : Payroll and business support.

Calendars : Find out how to see what is happening at your kid(s) school using tandem calendar.

Communications: See our strategy and submit a story idea!

Career, College & Life Readiness  : See what support we have in place for students to achieve their goals.

Contact : How to contact us directly.

Counseling : Our School Counseling Program serves all students throughout the district.

Facilities : See what facilities are available and how to use them.

FAQ's : Frequently asked questions and answers in a quick easy to read format.

Human Resources: Find out about job's open, descriptions, pay and benefits.

Learning & Teaching:  See how we promote and support excellence in teaching by all instructional staff.

Maintenance & Grounds : Meet our Maintenance & Grounds team.

Music: Engaging students to explore and develop understanding and appreciation.

Native American Education Program : Providing cultural and educational work for students with Native American heritage

Nutrition Services : Pay for meals and see what is on the menu.

Pools: Community Aquatics, GHH and PHS Pools, schedules and more.

Superintendent : Meet our superintendent and see the vision he has for our district.

Strategic Plan : Learn about our District vision.

Student Services : See what services are available to students to support them achieving their goals.

Superintendent : Read about our Superintendent and the vision he has for our district.

Technology : Find out about making learning all the time possible.

Traffic Safety Education: Helping young students be ready to become safe drivers.

Transportation  : Emergency weather procedures, bus stops, pictures and more.